IEEE International Workshop on Data Mining for Design and Marketing 2008 (DMDM2008)DM^2 {փWv
IEEE International Workshop on Data Mining for Design and Marketing 2008 (DMDM2008)

We have 8 accepted papers out of 34 submissions. Thank you for your interest!!
IEEE International Workshop on Data Mining for Design and Marketing 2008 (DMDM2008) held in conjunction with The 2008 IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM'08), Pisa, Italy, 19 December 2008.

Recently the environment that enterprises face has become increasingly competitive. It is necessary for them to change themselves to achieve sustainable competitive advantages. Therefore, an enterprise must understand consumer behavior in detail, uncover consumer needs, create goods or services corresponding to these needs, and give consumers information about goods or services so that the enterprise continues to be a going concern. However, it has become more and more difficult for enterprises to do this completely because of the diversification of consumer needs, acceleration of product lifecycles, and the flood of information via the internet. So enterprises must re-think their foundations such as business processes and visions. Information technology such as data mining plays an extremely important role in these changes. The aim of this workshop is to discuss information systems to create new value from the viewpoint of design and marketing in business.

The workshop is aimed at bringing together researchers from the areas of design, marketing, and data mining. We expect to encourage an exchange of ideas and perceptions through the workshop, focused on design and marketing. Possible topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
* Information systems for design and marketing to understand consumer behavior
* Information systems to integrate design and marketing
* New data mining applications and new insights for design and marketing
* Case studies of data mining applications for design and marketing
We are interested in the emergence of new business systems in the real business world, and encouraging new applications of data mining. Therefore, submitted papers will be evaluated from the perspectives of traditional criteria such as technical originality and prediction accuracy, while also going beyond to consider creativity and applicability. Case studies that include successes and failures in designing and marketing are also welcome.

Technical issues include (but not limited to)
  • Design
-social and organizational design
-system design
-network design
-product design
-servise design
-inovation and organizational change
  • Marketing
-marketing science
-consumer behavior
-retailing and pricing
-customer relationship management
-brand management
  • Data Mining
-machine learning algorithms and methods
-text and semi-structured data mining
-pattern recognition
-knowledge representation
-statistics and probability

Paper submissions should be limited to a maxinum of 10 pages in the IEEE 2-column format (see the IEEE Computer Society Press Proceedings Author Guidelines). Please submit your manuscript through the Conference workshop paper submission system at ICDM'08 website. Papers will be reviewed by at least two independent experts for their originarity, significance, creativity and applicability.

A gforward to workshopsh mechanism will be adopted this year, where a paper not accepted for the conference can be (at the authorfs request) gfast-trackedh to a workshop, preserving reviews.

All papers accepted for the workshop will be included in the ICDM'08 Workshop Proceedings published by the IEEE Computer Society Press. Therefore papers that have already been accepted or are currently under review for other conferences or journals will not be considered for ICDM and DMDMf08. All accepted papers must be presented by one of the authors who must register and pay fees.

Please submit your paper at (closed)

Camera-ready version!! (by Oct 7, 2008)
The authors of accepted papers are expected to follow the "Author kit for ICDM 2008." You can access this author kit as follows:
ICDM 2008 Author Kit

Submissions due: August 1, 2008
Notifications of Acceptance: September 22, 2008
Camera-ready paper due: October 7, 2008
Workshop day: December 19, 2008

S8201: Sabrina Lombardi, Michele Gorgoglione, and Cosimo Palmisano, "Using Contextual Information to Decrease the Cost of Incorrect Predictions in On-Line Customer Behavior Modeling"
S8206: Motoi Iwashita, Ken Nishimatsu, and Shinsuke Shimogawa, "Semantic analysis method for unstructured data in telecom services"
S8207: Maria Francesca Faraone, Michele Gorgoglione, and Cosimo Palmisano, "Using Contextual Information in Transactional Segmentation: an Empirical Study in E-Commerce"
S8208: Meghana Deodhar and Joydeep Ghosh, "Simultaneous Co-segmentation and Predictive Modeling for Large, Temporal Marketing Data"
S8209: Yoko Nishihara and Wataru Sunayama, "Title-Composing Support System for Reaching New Audiences"
S8210: Yukio Ohsawa, Yoshiharu Maeno, Akihiro Takaichi, and Yoko Nishihara, "Innovation Game as Workplace for Sensing Values in Product Design and Market"
S8212: Katsutoshi Yada, "Character String Analysis and Customer Path in Stream Data"
DM803: Abraham Bagherjeiran, "Combining Behavioral and Social Network Data for Online Advertising"

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IEEE CS Press is going to publish the formal workshop proceedings.
IEEE SMCS, Technical Committee on Information Systems for Design and Marketing.
DSI (Data Mining and Service Science for Innovation) Project, Kansai University.

DMDM Workshop Co-Chairs:
Katsutoshi Yada (Kansai University, Japan) (Contact Person)
Yukio Ohsawa (University of Tokyo, Japan)
Russ Winer (New York University, USA)

[Contact Person]
Katsutoshi Yada
Faculty of Commerce, Kansai University.
OSAKA, 564-8680, JAPAN.

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