Preliminary Program

December 18 (Mon), 2006

Session 1: Complicated Data
Time Table Author & Title
8:00 - 8:24 L. Zhao and J. Harris, "Market Research Design on Modeling Propensity to Purchase and Market Potential: Using GIS and Data Mining as the Tools."
8:24 - 8:48 W. Sunayama and K. Yada, "The River-Rafting System for Knowledge Discovery Related to Persuasion Process Conversation Logs."
8:48 - 9:12 B. Shi and K. Chang, "Mining Chinese Reviews."
9:12 - 9:36 Y. Nishihara, W. Sunayama and M. Yachida, "Estimation System of People's Freindship and Hierarchical Relationship from Sentence Types."
9:36 - 10:00 K. Horie and Y. Ohsawa, "Designing New Product Scenarios for Patent by Human-Interactive Annealing with Pictogram."
10:00 - 10:30: Coffee Break
Session 2:Time-series Data and New Algorithms
Time Table Author & Title
10:30 - 10:54 T. Nakahara and H. Morita, "A Pattern Mining from POS Data using a Historical Tree."
10:54 - 11:18 D. Fleder and B. Padmanabhan, "Cluster Evolution and Interpretation via Penalties."
11:18 - 11:42 K. Fukata, T. Washio and H. Motoda, "A Method to Search ARX Model Orders and Its Application to Sales Dynamics Analysis."
11:42 - 12:06 W. Huang, M. Kmeta, L. Lin and J. Wu, "Association Bundle -A New Pattern for Association Analysis."
12:06 - 12:30 I. Bose and C. Xi, "Exploring Business Opportunities from Mobile Service Data of Customers Using Inter-clustering Analysis."
12:30 - 14:00: Lunch