Hans Jonas, God after Auschwitz, trans. by SHINAGAWA, Tetsuhiko

 Hosei University Press, 2009, ISBN978-4-588-00924-2

 (The original is Gedanke über Gott, Drei Versuche, Suhrkamp Verlag, Frankfurt am Main, 1994)






 Explanatory Notes

 Chapter 1  The concept of God after Auschwitz: A Jewish voice    pp.3-30

    Chapter 2  Past and truth: an out-of-date supplement to so-called demonstration of God  pp.31-54

    Chapter 3  Material, spirit and creation: cosmological findings and cosmogenic inference  pp.55-117

    Notes by translator   pp.118-164

 The life of Hans Jonas (SHINAGAWA Tetsuhiko)  pp.165-198

 An interpretation of three articles (SHINAGAWA Tetsuhiko)    pp.199-216

 References   pp.217-220

   Bibliography   p.221

   Afterword by the translator   pp.222-224


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